Sunday, September 16, 2012

Start: Day 1

Today seems like an excellent day to write…
So much to say so little time to share. Of course I could write all day long; This day and the next I will find as in all previous attempts to do just this, either to submerge or wade in the surface my life is full of constant intentional interruptions that keeps me from the answers I seek, ohhhh what to do? 
Well, as I stated since I am given only short bursts of time perhaps today is the day I shall start a small blog. Maybe the limited time and type are just what is needed to ask and express enough to intrigue those who also seek . Leaving the doors open and the floor for you right here and now and from this day forward to pose the questions and answers that we all may seek at some point. 

There are many that have set off to this same personal quest many years before us and so one may presume that they have some advice or encouraging words to share with those that seek on this day, for what other reason brings you here? And so whatever it is that we seek I believe there must be guidance and directions available to us, whether is afforded from another or self discovered out of revelations and realizations perhaps provoked by what another may have said.
What I believe and you believe may be two different things but that makes neither of us wrong, there is no debate, for here there is only inquiry and insight. Right, wrong and fact do not apply in theory. Should you like to join a debate team you are free to do so just not here as intentional upset and disagreements are unacceptable thus Zealot comments or forcible applications of narrow thinking will you have you disqualified and ejected from this ground floor.